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Get A Unique Birthing Experience, Made For You.

  • Complimentary birth preparation class.
  • Learn how to calmly birth your baby in a warm & loving way.
  • Your partner can learn advanced massage techniques to be able to deliver effective comfort measures throughout your labor.
  • Reduce "partner fatigue" with customized Doula support.
  • Help the whole family transition when the new baby arrives.
  • We offer Postpartum Doula care for mom, baby & siblings while mom recovers and the family begins to bond.
Birthing Center Room in San Diego
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Your Birth Center

Is A Birth Center Right For You?

Our Services


Midwifery Care

Receive personalized care at home or in our birth center from our Licensed Midwives. They will oversee your entire pregnancy, labor and delivery

Doula Support

Experienced doulas will provides physical, emotional & informational support to a mother before, during & after birth.

Breastfeeding Support

Free support group for new moms experiencing challenges, or needing a few tips and tricks.

Birth Education

We offer fantastic classes to prepare you for birth, newborn care, and more! Schedule a complimentary tour or contact us to find out more.

Deliver Your Baby In Comfort

We practice the integrative, whole body approach, not seeing a woman as a patient, but rather a unique person, preparing to birth her baby.

"When a woman feels cared for, informed, and listened to, along with plenty of emotional, educational and physical support, she feels calmer, more in control, and empowered as she works with her body to bring her baby into the world. It's an honor to provide that to the women we serve."
Tamara Hobbs
Founder – A Family Affair Birth Center

  • Conveniently located just off the Interstate 15-56 Corridor, providing for easy access.
  • Located across the street from Palomar Hospital - Poway Campus (formerly Pomerado Hospital)
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Your birth experience is unique to you! That’s why it’s important to know your options & feel empowered to choose care that fits your needs. Learn more in our guide below.

You Will Learn

  • Key differences between a hospital and birth center labor experience.
  • When to choose a hospital over a birth center
  • What you get in a birth center that you don't get in a hospital setting

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