A Family Affair Birth Center is the result of the belief that we need to once again believe in the normalcy of childbirth. Women have been birthing children since the beginning of time. It is a physiological process that a woman’s body was designed to do. It is a wholesome natural process that demonstrates the strength of a woman. 

Historically, women of all cultures around the world have come together to support the laboring woman, sharing their focus, calming her nerves, soothing her discomfort, and creating a safe emotional space for her to labor and deliver her baby. 

By contrast, our society has transformed the concept of labor and delivery into what we see on TV, which is not a real portrayal at all.  Add to that the intimidation of the high-tech environment of the hospital, and it is no wonder people expect childbirth to be a chaotic and scary experience. It doesn’t have to be. In fact, in our experience, it is usually a calm, focused process, as we all work together toward our common goal. 

Healthy mom! Healthy baby!

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