Our Mission

To provide a safe space for women to deliver their babies into this world in a comfortable, beautiful way.
San Diego Birth Center

A Family Affair Birth Center

A Family Affair Birth Center is the result of the belief that Birth is not an illness, but a wholesome, natural process that demonstrates the strength of a woman. 

Therefore, we believe in utilizing the integrative, whole body approach, not seeing a woman as a patient, but rather a unique person, preparing to birth her baby.

For your support, we have built great collaborative care relationships and can offer referrals for:

  • Midwives for home birth & birth center birth
  • Pregnancy Care Services with either OB/GYN or Midwives
  • Birth Education Classes
  • Breastfeeding Classes – before and after birth
  • Lactation Consultations 
  • Birth Doulas
  • Postpartum Doulas
  • Mental Health 
  • Integrative Health Modalitie

What We Believe ♥

When a woman feels cared for, informed, and listened to, along with plenty of emotional, educational and physical support, she feels calmer, more in control, and empowered as she works with her body to bring her baby into the world. It’s an honor to provide that to the women we serve.

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A New Way To Give Birth

Most people think having a baby means delivering in a hospital. A small percentage will think of home birth. But today more families are being able to experience the blend of the two by welcoming their new baby in the warmth and safety of a birth center. Known for their peaceful environments, with the freedom to move, the ability to eat and drink as desired, and even enjoy relaxing in deep spa soaking tub, birth centers have risen up across the country to provide an alternative to both hospital birth and home birth. 

The reasons are as varied as the couples who use them, but for women with normal healthy pregnancies, a birth center can be the happy medium. Under the careful eye of their midwives, women enjoy the freedom to work with their body and their baby through the intricate journey to birth. Many women prefer the care of midwives who can provide personal attention throughout, without the shift changes that must occur in a hospital setting. It just feels right, and why wouldn’t it? 

Historically, women of all cultures around the world have come together to support the laboring woman, sharing their focus, calming her nerves, soothing her discomfort, and creating a safe emotional space for her to labor and deliver her baby. That’s why birth centers have become the new normal. Women shouldn’t have to pick between feeling safe or comfortable. 

Birth center births can offer both. And should a woman in labor choose to transfer for an epidural (approx.8% do), or should a need arise, A Family Affair Birth Center was carefully located directly across from Palomar Medical Center – Poway Campus, complete with a Labor & Delivery unit and a NICU. Safe. Compassionate. Personalized Care.


Did You Know?

California Licensed Midwives are licensed by the Medical Board of California. Midwives are the protectors of normal, healthy, physiological birth!

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