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What To Expect

Calm, Focused & Prepared

At A Family Affair Birth Center, our calm, focused approach works because we teach our clients to understand that labor isn’t being “done to them” but rather it’s a natural process that they were created to do while working with their baby. 

So much of labor is actually “in our heads.” Therefore, in our complimentary Birth Center preparation classes* (see below), we cover the process of birth and what’s really happening to a woman’s body when she is feeling different sensations. (It’s not scary, really! It’s fascinating! And freeing! ) By Removing the Fear of the Unknown, this frees her up to calmly birth her baby in a warm, welcoming, loving way.

Plan Your Birth With Us!

During our class, we prepare women to utilize various movements and positions to help ease the baby down, while using comfort measures such as massage, applied pressure/counter-pressure, and acupressure to help bring relief. Combined with deep relaxation techniques, as well as employing techniques learned from other childbirth prep classes, such as guided imagery or hypnobirthing, women are free to deliver their babies without interventions, under the careful supervision of their midwives. 

Required Birth Center Preparation Series – 2 Complimentary Classes

Session 1 – The Physiology of Birth – “Removing the Fear of the Unknown” 

  1. Breaking it Down – Why Discomfort seems unbearable if cause is “Unknown.”
  2. Q&A – questions written anonymously, and answered by Midwife Team

Session 2 – Following up with Questions from Session 1 

  1. Techniques to overcome discomfort – “We do NOT allow Suffering.”
  2. Pre-Birth Breastfeeding Prep & No Shame Baby Feeding

More women stop breastfeeding because they were not adequately informed on what to expect. They thought they didn’t have enough milk or weren’t doing it right.

Or someone told them if the baby wasn’t sleeping more than 4 hours, they’d better switch to formula.

So they quit because they thought it was best for the baby. And we understand. So first of all, this is a NO SHAME ZONE.

The first rule is to FEED THE BABY, no matter what. Just FEED THE BABY.

Your Midwife in San Diego

But if you do plan to breastfeed, this class will help you get the information and confidence to set you and your baby up for success, and meet other women, who like you, will be learning as you go. And if you don’t, that’s ok. You’ll still learn about safe feeding practices, and meet other parents who will be taking this journey too. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

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